I started Green Volt Solar in 2017. As a licensed electrician and after spending 8 years in the underground coal mines in the Hunter Valley I was looking for a change. I was asked at a family get-together what I knew about solar power, my answer…nothing! Now I’m not the kind of guy who does things in halves… Within 6 weeks I had researched Solar Power to the nth degree and gained my Clean Energy Council Accreditation and became frankly obsessed with solar. The energy independence, financial savings potential, and environmental benefits really struck my interest After quickly running out of friends and family to sell solar too it was time to spread my wings and dive in head first! Green Volt Solar Was born!

Our philosophy in solar power is to do it once do it right! After researching the Solar industry I found the vast majority of companies focus on getting a sale for the cheapest possible price resulting in inferior products and an unsafe install. While we know that price is important we think it is not worth sacrificing the products used, quality of install, and safety during an install. We always use a temporary handrail during an install to ensure there are no accidents or injuries during a job.

You would be amazed how many companies will not do this and expect their workers to work meters off the ground and close to the edge on a slippery roof to save a couple of dollars!

Our installers are all Clean Energy Council Accredited and the best in their field. We pride ourselves on not only giving you the monetary savings you expect from your system but attention to the aesthetics of the job as well. We will consult you on the best way to place the panels on your roof to avoid shading (the enemy of solar) and make them as pleasing to look at as possible!

When you are looking for a quality Solar System installed to the highest standards give Green Volt a call!!

Newcastle Solar

We do the small things right in a solar install

  • Always conduct a site inspection to ensure there are no hidden issues for the install (ie satellite dishes, whirly birds, antennas, stink pipes, switch board issues, inverter locations)
  • Use quality Clenergy mounting equipment.
  • Always use the correct roof penetration seals for cable entries.
  • Install the inverter in the garage wherever possible.
  • Always use Stainless steel ties to secure roof cabling to last the test of time

If your looking for a quality solar system designed by a qualified electrician/clean energy accredited installer give Green Volt Solar a call!