Newcastle Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Battery Newcastle – Power Wall Battery

Battery storage is a reality with a Tesla Battery – Tesla battery technology enables Newcastle residents to power up their homes. Newcaslte solar power system owners can now take advantage of the benefits of storing their own power.

Tesla Battery storage enables homeowners to use more, or all the electricity generated by their solar system.

Homeowners can store and use your own renewable energy 24 hours a day. A Telsa battery could save hundreds on your electricity bills and protect you from energy retailer price increases.

Your Tesla battery will allowing you to run essential electrical items like fridges, lights and PowerPoints if electricity goes out in your area.

Our solar system work is customised to suit each each client, however below are some indicative packages. We highly recommend you call you call for our latest Tesla battery packages and battery solar specials – Call 0401 730 457
Tesla Newcastle

Tesla Battery Newcastle Power storage solutions to suit your individual needs and budget

Battery storage is not a one size does not fit all, so we have a range of options to suit our customers needs. We will design and install the system that is right for you with a range of package deals available there will be a suitable option for every client.

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At Green Volt we offer the highly efficient and popular TESLA POWERWALL.

Gain more energy independence by adding a Battery Backup Solar System.

A Tesla Powerwall battery backup system allows you to store energy while the sun is shining, with the ability to store surplus power generated by the solar system for use at night or on cloudy days – helping reduce your energy bills even further. You also have stored power to use if the grid goes down, or at any other time you need it.

A Green Volt solar and battery system will safely disconnect your home from the grid in the event of a power outage; your system will then switch over the power stored in the battery system providing you continuous power to your essential circuits, even in times of blackout. Making sure you can still run appliances, even if the grid goes down.

Tesla Powerwall Features:

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Long Life
  • Unlimited Cycles
  • Thermal Controls
  • Battery Managment System
  • True Sine
  • Beautiful and compact
  • Smart Software
  • Scalable