Solar Panels – 6.7KW LG NeON 2 335W +  Solar Inverters – Enphase S270 Micro Inverter

We couldn’t be more pleased with Green Volt! In our opinion, Green Volt was superior in all respects to the other suppliers we also had quote (1 referred by solar quotes and 1 who is also in the area and rates highly on solar quotes).

Luke took the time to come to our home on two occasions as part of the quoting process.

He is knowledgeable, honest and a great communicator and all without the salesman approach. A true professional with great customer service from start to finish. His offsider Chris was also a delight.

He was the only supplier of the three who really listened to our needs and then structured a system to suit (on a difficult roof) rather than quoting for a system that was the most convenient from an installer’s point of view.

Luke was able to answer each of our questions in simple terms and then refer us to appropriate sources for more detailed information.

We opted for the superior combination of LG panels and Enphase Micro Inverters. While the quote was slightly dearer than the most-comparable quote, we received a far-superior system without the premium price-tag.

5 Stars!!

5kw Solar System