Solar Panels – 5.8KW Trina Honey M 305W +  Solar Inverters – Enphase S270 Micro Inverter

Luke of Green Volt Energy was one of 2 recommendations via

Luke spent time discussing needs and checking our roof for best angle and number of panels. He also recommended, and we went ahead with, a solar simulation using a Solmetric machine. This gave a clear picture of what was possible throughout the seasons taking into account shade from nearby trees. Also with this data we could work out the potential pay-back figures. Well worth the $200, which was deducted from the total price once we went ahead. Luke also recommended a micro-inverter system over a straight line system (and provided sound reasons why). Excellent advice. Also recommended a top end inverter brand (Enphase). Not one of those cheap systems you will find advertised in the media, but a very efficient and cost effective one in the long term.

The system is up and running and we are delighted with it, and Luke’s job overall. The Enphase inverter app that comes with the inverters is great – we can check output v usage data any time anywhere. Love it!

Solar Array