Solar Panels – LG NeON R 360W +  Solar Inverter – SMA Sunny Boy 5KW

We chose Luke from Green Volt to more than double the capacity of our existing 5kW string inverter system and set up the required monitoring and communications for a future battery install. We also chose Green Volt to install an 8kW micro-inverter system on another property. He also upgraded switchboards at both locations.

We chose Green Volt for several reasons;

  • Excellent reviews for customer service, workmanship and warranty follow-up on SolarQuotes
  • Luke was the most helpful tenderer during the quotation phase – he came to site several times, offered a range of alternatives, challenged my ideas and was genuinely interested in getting the best outcome to meet our needs.
  • Green Volt prices were competitive and in line with my knowledge of market prices.
  • The install was quick and of very high quality despite a number of site challenges. Luke also helped correct some existing wiring problems along the way.
  • Post install we experienced some voltage rise issues on one system that led to our inverter ramping back due to our high grid feed rates. Luke was very helpful, visiting site several times to provide assistance in diagnosing the problem and tuning the system to optimise it despite the problem eventually being traced to problems in the local network which we are addressing through Ausgrid.

Overall we have been impressed with the output from both systems, which are exceeding our expectations and estimates. Overall, Luke from Green Volt is very passionate and knowledgeable about solar and is very genuine about meeting his customers needs in the best way possible.

We would highly recommend Luke and his company for any solar installations.

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